Sunday, September 25, 2011

Modern Woman

I spend a lot of time (more than I would like to admit) feeling guilty for my lack of domesticity. I'm not nearly as crafty as I would like nor am I the accomplished cook, letter-writer, writer-writer, or gardener as I would hope. Flipping through Sunset magazine and watching Primal Grill and America's Test Kitchen only serve to assure me of my shortcomings. But this afternoon, as I drove home from grocery shopping (I hate shopping on Sundays) I had a reality check. I work a forty hour week, as does Buddy Holly. I am up at 6:30 every morning to make sure the furries are fed before heading to work an hour early, so that the husby and I can carpool and save on money. I spend my day taking care of a house, God's house ya'll. I manage to keep our house clean which is quite the feat with four dark-haired life forms shedding hair and cells. I manage to try one new recipe per week. It might not be everything I had hoped or even that good but I try something new.
So, this is me saying that I'm done feeling guilty. Yeah right, I'll have plenty of self-degradation parties in the future. But when I do, I'm going to remember this. So no, I might not be as good a cook as I would like, but chicken Kiev requires time that I just don't have right now. No, I don't have the English garden in my backyard that I have sketched in my journal but come Spring I will find a Saturday to dig up the crepe myrtle and plant some geraniums next to the mailbox. No, I don't have the time to decorate our home and make the improvements we've discussed since we moved but it's comfortable and ours. I'm not crafty, I can't make harvest candles or Christmas wreaths or personalized stationary, but I have a knitting basket next to the couch and I sometimes use it. I'm not a published writer and my novel is currently on hiatus but I'm writing here and when I'm done writing this post I'll go work on my short stories. Maybe one day I'll be a stay at home mom, maybe one day I'll home school, maybe one day I'll have so much time on my hands I'll be bored and I'll take up scrap-booking (against all my better instincts). It's not likely but maybe one day. Now, if I could just fit in some exercise, I would really feel accomplished.

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