The Royal We

The views and opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect those of the authoress or reality at large.

Bachelors in Theological Studies. Currently employed by The Son of Man. Buddy Holly and myself own a lovely plot of suburban American Dream in the Plains. Drake and Elena, our four-pawed brownies, make up the family four. I do not make my living by words but I do live by them. I love to learn; new discoveries, strange tidbits of miscellany, vicarious and wayward adventures are my cup of tea. I also love tea. And toast. I am intimate with toast.

Lord knows I've got nothing to say but I've got just as much nothing to say as anyone else on this merry-go-round (Blogging). I fully anticipate that no one will read or care about anything I write here which allows me a great deal of creative freedom, as I have no one to please. So, sit back and enjoy a refreshing sip of authentic eccentricity.