Saturday, November 19, 2011

Too good for the Mu-tant

Let's discuss mutant powers for a moment, shall we?

In the innocent days of my youth, when the animated X-Men series was the extent of my knowledge of empowered superheroes, Rogue was my idol. This had less to do with her powers and was largely based on her sass. But let's face it, being able to absorb other mutant's powers is streets ahead of the three other predominant female characters (Jean, Storm, and Jubilee - WaWa). As my knowledge of mutants grew and I found new idols, I developed a list of mutant abilities I would assume given the chance:
Probability manipulation: I specifically like Domino for her power, subtle but amazing.
Intangibility: Shadowcat is my favorite of the X-men and I love her power for its myriad effects and limitations. Able to pass through solid materials but only so long as she can hold her breath. Passing through an electronic item, her distanced molecules will cause it to short circuit. And then there was that whole time period where she literally couldn't keep herself together and had to learn to maintain solidity.
Teleportation: Who couldn't make use of this? Everyone could use a little teleportation. Nightcrawler is sadly limited in that he must be able to see where he is going but Locus has the advantage of being able to teleport anywhere she has been or teleport another individual.
Pheromone manipulation: Spider Woman exudes pheromones which can sway people to her side or instill fear. So handy.
Bio-Luminescence: I would consider this power an asset. I like the idea of being able to play with and manipulate light but that turned out lame with Dazzler. Being your own flashlight could be useful though.
Healing: I am a healer at heart. I cannot abide blood and gore and biology and am, therefore, not a physician but, if I could heal others through magic touch, I would. Max Evans style.

All of these powers pale in comparison to my actual alter ego, Cold As Ice Woman, imbued with the ability to make your day a little colder with her sarcasm and icy glare. My clarinet instructor gave me this persona many years ago, as part of his Not So Super Superheroes team.

So, what's your power?

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