Friday, December 16, 2011

Geddyup Jingle-horse!

 I love having big, lazy, brown dogs. I also love capturing them in their natural lazy element.

Elena is not exactly what you'd call ladylike.
The lump they are curled around is my leg.
Just a mess of brown dogs.

 But they also have their moments of intense symmetry.

Synchronized napping.

Synchronized chagrin.

It's almost Christmas. Perhaps, you knew. I had my shopping and wrapping done way early this year , by which I mean December 3rd, because we will be visiting my family, which requires traveling and so I had to have everything done. Also due to traveling, we did not have a tree this year. We always have a live tree but there's no point when we're going to be gone for most of that time. But I couldn't help doing a little decorating.

Cashewlock Holmes - crackerjack private investigator
My zany music stand lent itself to multi-colored lights.


Reindeer are my favorite Christmas motif and a perfect backdrop to a cozy cup of cinnamon hot cocoa. Tasty!
 P.S. Buddy Holly and I have agreed that if ever we purchase a horse, we will name it Jingle.

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