Wednesday, February 8, 2012

January, in conclusion.

Month two of the year-long 2012 resolution has begun and I am happy to report that Project: Write My Novel has thus far stayed on track and all scheduled goals to-date have been achieved. To be fair, January was the easy part. This month is when I actually take up writing again.

While I procrastinate from that, let's have a bit of a photo blog. Just so you know, all of these pictures were taken with and edited by my phone. They are not awesome but they'll do.

Three gals I work with and I had tea one Saturday afternoon last month. Because Oklahoma was so late in being settled most of its early history is Victorian and quite a bit of it is preserved. There's a stately Victorian mansion, turned museum and tea room, not too far down the road. We had three pots of tea, delightful sandwiches, and far too much dessert.

Buddy Holly's Christmas present to me was a trip to the theatre. We got all dolled up and went to see The Addams Family: the Broadway Musical. Never mind that most of our fellow theatre-goers were wearing jeans, we looked awesome. Buddy Holly wore his new suit and I re-wore a bridesmaids' dress. I even got myself a pair of opera-length, ivory, satin gloves for the occasion. 

I love the sound-absorbing
fabric theatres use. I want a
 dress that looks like this.

This is the same picture, I know. But the composition came out so well and then playing with the color tones on my phone just made for such interesting photos. Deal with it.

My attempts to look like Anastasia. I had taken off my gloves for the night but I had them. Also, trying to get a picture of your front as well as a bun is a challenge. Thus, the awkward poses. That bun was the easiest thing in the world. From now on, I will always use it for fancy-hair events, of which I have many.

For Buddy Holly's late birthday, we celebrated the SuperBowl. I made 1Up cupcakes. I was not impressed with the taste of my butter-cream frosting but they looked okay in the end.

Bonus picture: Target acquired.

Okay, well that was a fun retrospective of the past few weeks. Now, I should go write or work or something. I have 57 research books saved on a list at the library. It's a lot but I won't need all of them. For instance, I have nine books about trains, passenger train travel, train routes, and the train in the post-WWII era. I won't need all of those for the information I'm trying to glean but I want my bases covered. I may not find it in the first one. I'm definitely going to need more too. I only have one book on antique cars which I don't think is going to cover it. So, I should go work on that.... Oh look, LOLcats.

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