Friday, January 24, 2014

Disneybound 1/24/14

So, the hardest part of Disneybounding is accessories really. A pair of brown leggings, boots, and some kind of green shirt will get you quite far character wise (Pacha, Quasimodo, Robin Hood) but without some kind of accessory to lend character (*zing!*) to the outfit, it's hard to differentiate. We're resorting to making some of our own pieces (thank you, Hobby Lobby) and making them apply to multiple Disneybounds (e.g. an arrow piece works well for Robin Hood, Gaston, and Merida). I'll try to remember to point out some of the items we've specifically made.

Week three!
With temperatures in the teens this week Miss Bianca was the perfect winter Disneybound.

"Bernard, dahling!"

And Miss Wright stayed warm as Pip from Enchanted.

Forest friends - ladybug.
Forest friends - butterfly.

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