Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, the 13th

I'm not a superstitious person. I don't carry a lucky rabbit's foot, real or faux, nor do I avoid walking under ladders for any other reason than it is obviously easier to go around. I do think there is more to this reality (if it is that) than meets the eye but I don't believe that I can alter those mystic undercurrents by tossing a little salt over my shoulder. Maybe I'm wrong. Today would seem to prove that. The thirteenth of the month falling on a Friday has never portended ill for me in the past but perhaps, in future, I won't be so cavalier about my Friday assumptions.

To be fair to Friday the 13th, the real trouble began yesterday, Thursday the 12th - that bastard. My work computer crashed yesterday morning. My work computer crashing is an unfortunate happenstance in itself but not necessarily a cosmic cataclysm. Until you come to understand how vital my work computer is to the carrying on of any work. I am eployed by a small church and my computer is, for the most part, the only computer. Everything is on there. I have quite a bit on flash drives and a backup hard drive and I lost too many papers in college to not run backups once a week. But my computer crashing on Thursday still means that today, Friday the 13th, I have to redo everything I did previously this week. Huzzah. Oh, and that's not mention that the copier/printer is down and the dishwasher is fritzing.

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