Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tour: The Niche

Welcome to The Niche. The new writing room. To make myself come up here and work I decided to gather around me all the things that inspire me. 

The desk is an antique. It belonged to my great-great-grandmother and matches a dresser in our bedroom. It's quite beat up and does not have the width for a normal office chair but I love it. Buddy Holly keeps threatening to replace it with a proper computer desk and I won't let him. I will chain myself to this desk if I have to.
The oriental rug I got from Church. 
My Japanese calligraphy set and dishes.
There's a second dish off to the left. 

My Chinese tea cup.
This was bought from the tea house at the Summer Palace in Beijing.
I have no idea how to justify these trinkets. They were given to me and I love them.
The dog is carved from wood, my grandmother made it for my dollhouse,
styled after our family's golden retriever.
My Anastasia music box.

My parents gave us this frame.
I've never changed the original paper advertisement out of it.

My Japanese prints. A friend from Kobe gave them to me.
Fountains Abbey, Ripon, England - my favorite spot in the world.
My motto.

I set up two cork-boards to pin ideas too. But they were pretty bland, so I made them pretty.

The postcard is from the Opera Populaire,
better known as the opera belonging to one Phantom.

 Snur collected X-Men cards when we were kids. I don't know where they are now but, before they disappeared, I pilfered two cards. One is Domino and, of course, my idol, Shadowcat. 
All that's missing is a couch. And then the writing...of course.

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