Sunday, February 23, 2014

Disneybound 2/14/14

Valentine's Edition! We decided we wanted to go as a couple for Valentine's day and were debating between Carl & Ellie, Robin & Maid Marian, and then realized we had Disneybounds for one of our favorite couples ever:

Mulan and Aurora from Once Upon a Time are one of our favorite couples. These ladies just need to get together and are one of the few reasons I'm still watching that show. I have to stick around long enough to see them make out. Anyhow, Miss Right's Mulan was dead on, especially with that hair. And she wore one rose earring, because Aurora used to be called Briar Rose.
I'm finding having short hair is really a hamper to Disneybounds. So much can be conveyed with a braid, ponytail, or curls. It's very limiting having the same bob from week to week.

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