Sunday, February 23, 2014

Disneybound 2/23/14 Sunday Edition

With very good reason, we forwent our Friday Disneybounds for a Sunday Disneybound. And what is that very good reason you might ask? WE WENT TO THE FROZEN SING-A-LONG THIS MORNING! Miss Right, Charlotte, and I have decided we're the Frozen version of Bronies...Frozies? Now we just have to wait for the DVD to come out. And find Frozen inspired cocktails.

I have to comment on my boot covers because I am so damn proud of those. They're crocheted and came off a bolero I found at Good Will. I cut the sleeves off the bolero and they're just perfect. I'll be using them for an Angus Disneybound too. Also, my earrings are silver reindeer. :)

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